The People Behind the Grammar Game

Jessica Haire [creator, author, and co-designer of GRAMMARGON] Since growing up in Nigeria, and getting her B.Sc. in Accountancy, Jessica has established a successful career as an English teacher in Germany since 2003. Her first English teaching job was in a private tuition school in Munich, Germany, immediately after earning her TEFL certification in Berlin. She went on to take over ownership of the institute, which after a couple of years under her management, became accredited as an official Cambridge Preparation Centre.

After looking around for years and accepting the fact that there are no great teaching games for English grammar, she then sought to develop her own. Something that would be exciting, and could grab the attention of today’s smartphone savvy students. In 2016 she invented GRAMMARGON, and a year later decided to move to the small mountain town of St. Andreasberg in the Harz National Park, where she could focus on developing the game with her husband.

"I have a great passion and talent for teaching. The drive to see my students excel at learning English and feel confident enough to use it is what motivated me to create GRAMMARGON."
"I want to inspire students all over the world and give them the power to unravel, understand and enjoy English grammar, even when no teacher is available."

Isaac Haire [graphic designer and game styles author for GRAMMARGON] is a classical pianist with a Bachelors of Music (B.M.) from Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, Washington.

When not coding or designing, Isaac can mostly be found playing the piano, or reading. He also enjoys art, languages, games of all sorts, and the daily think tank sessions with Jessica while jogging.